WifiKill APK Download V5.0.1 For Android (Latest Version)


We live in a generation where it is impossible to live without the internet. In colleges, schools, office everywhere people need internet. All the apps and games, the news everything is accessible only through the internet. Do you know what is the most preferred mode of the internet is? It is wifi connections. The individual data connection may be very amazing to use but they do not provide proper speed and adequate data.

Many people prefer wifi network connections as a maximum of four people can use it. It is also the most affordable internet connections available today. That is the reason why in every place such as malls theatres, offices, and colleges they provide free wifi for people. 

It is very exciting for people if there is free wifi. But there are at times the neighborhoods, in the malls, and in the colleges these wifi networks have passwords.  The users cannot get access to it as they do not know the password for it.

WifiKill APK V5.0.1 Download For Android 2019

Even if you know have a free wifi network available the connection will be slow as it is been used by many users. The network may get slow because it is an open connection. To solve this distressing problem you have top-notch wifi kill Apk.

WifiKill Features

The wifi kills Apk is available for all the android devices. With the help of it, you can eliminate and cut all the other users who are using that wifi. There are several marvelous features available in the wifi kill Apk. There is no other app which is developed with these great features. Let’s see some of its unique features.

  • This app is used to cut out all the other users who are consuming heavy data on the wifi network. With this, all users get an equal opportunity to use the app.
  • The app supports the entire Android device the tablets and smartphones.
  • This is an ad-free app. Any user can operate this app with ease.
  • The app is completely available for free of cost. You may not have to pay any extra charges to get more features. There is no premium version of this app available.
  • The interface of the wifi kill app is very smooth and neat.

How to Download WifiKill APK On Android?

There are many reliable sources from which the Apk file of the wifi kill can be downloaded. You can even get the link from the official website of the app.

  1. Download the wifi kill apk from the link above.
  2. Go to >device and administration setting>security setting>turn on enable. This option will allow the unknown apps top download.
  3. Open the downloaded apk and tap next.
  4. Click Install, wait for seconds.

The wifi kill app is a protected and secure app. You can cut how much ever users you want from the network. After downloading the app it will display all the users’ name that is using the open network. This app also shows you how much data they use and for they are using it.

The wifi kill app should not be used for any malicious purpose. The wifi kill apk file is easy to use and download. Download this smart app to use unlimited free ultra speed wifi.

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