Bcmon – Download Bcmon Apk v2.0.1 Latest Version | Official Website

Bcmon is used by professionals, by downloading Bcmon apk people will have an option to monitor all the wireless networks associated locally. Bcmon apk has been recommended by alto of people to use it on are a regular basis to monitor the packets in the network in an efficient manner. Bcmon app is one of the little apps, along with which you have to install reaver apk as well, which can be used only in rooted phones. Better you root your Android device before you download Bcmon apk for Android from the official website.

Bcmon apk is one of the typical applications, which can be found in network professionals in their Android phones for different purposes. Let’s see how you could harness the power of Bcmon app for Android, shall we?

Bcmon – Download Bcmon Apk v2.0.1 For Android | Official

What is Bcmon apk?




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Dec 6, 2018

Bcmon is one of the user-friendly applications, which has been employed by a lot of people regarding monitoring their wireless network and to manage traffic in an efficient way. The application requires a secondary support app called Reaver, which needs to install on the phone at the time of Bcmon apk installation. Reaver apk is a supportive app, which is mandatory for the primary application to work.

Bcmon Apk Download
Bcmon Apk Download

You can use the Bcmon application to monitor and to balance the traffic in the residential environment. The commercial environment would usually be managed with the help of high-end devices, but the bcmon application can be used in some emergency situations to crack the network and to control traffic in an efficient way. Remember, Bcmon apk needs root access to get started, we strongly recommend you to root your Android device, there are many one click rooting apps out there but we recommend you to download Framaroot apk or root with Towelroot apk.

As it is important for users to Download and install Reaver APK before using Bcmon Apk, here are the steps to follow to install Reaver on Android,

Download & install Reaver apk for Android 2018

Download APK

Mirror Link

  • First, download reaver apk from the above button.
  • Do not try to disturb the download process, as it takes a long time to install on your phone successfully.
  • Allow 3rd party application by visiting settings > general > security > 3rd party applications
  • Install the Reaver by tapping on the Apk file from your mobile phone
  • Try to install the application after rebooting your phone once, if it fails.

Download Bcmon APK For Android Official Version

Download APK

Mirror Link

  • Download bcmon apk for Android from the above link/button
  • Allow 3rd party application by visiting settings > general > security > 3rd party applications
  • Tap on the application file by visit the folder
  • Once the installation process is finished, you can start using the app after rebooting your phone.
  • Try to access and monitor the nearby networks with the help of BCMON APK

Root your phone before installing Bcmon Apk in the mobile phone

  • Use any of the direct one-click rooting apps like Towelroot or Kingoroot.
  • Download the application to your mobile phone directly or by transferring from the computer
  • Allow 3rd party application by visiting settings > general > security > 3rd party applications
  • Tap on the app icon by visiting the folder in an effective way
  • Once the installation process complete, tap on the application icon and open
  • Click on root the phone button and select the required version of the operating system
  • Ensure to have a full battery on your phone while the root process is going on.
  • Reboot the Smartphone, and you can enjoy a new operating system on the phone

What Makes Bcmon for Android Special?

  • Access to monitoring the wireless network

The application in the mobile phone can handle almost anything in the general world, where people from different parts of the world are using Smartphone application for different purposes. Bcmon application is a high-end application, which has been used by IT and networks professionally to monitor the wireless or wifi traffic in the environment. Bcmon is not a layperson application, which can be downloaded and accessed by any individual.

Bcmon App download
Bcmon App download

The application requires some amount of experience and skill-set to carry out operations. Bcmon apk works only on the rooted devices, which gives you access for users to monitor their wireless network wirelessly. The wireless network requires a constant monitoring activity, as traffic could ruin the entire network in a quick span of time.

  • Lets you put restriction and can block the access

Wireless access can be controlled and managed in an easy way by a skilled network professional, as he or she will have enough idea about managing traffic and to put restriction depending on the requirement. We can see a lot of parental blocking activities happening on different networks, but it is not constant in every network.

As most of the IT and network professionals would be in need of access to those kinds of websites on a regular basis to report and block the content from providing the network access to people around you. The restriction could play a major role in corporate industries, as they prefer to provide limited access to employees. The limited access in any of the organization can provide a better productive number, as employees would not be wasting productive time by visiting personal sites on a regular basis. Also, download Wifikill APK to hack WiFi passwords on Android.

  • Beneficial for IT and network professionals

IT and network professionals are responsible for managing a particular network by balancing the traffic. Bcmon apk can be used both in residential and for commercial purposes, as it can be used to access and monitor both the networks in an easy way.

IT and network professionals require every access possible over a wireless or wifi network, as it helps them to figure out the errors to avoid any crash in traffic in a particular network. Bcmon is not a layperson app, which can be used by anybody; it requires a specific skill-set and experience to handle different challenges while operating the app in an effective way.

  • Supports different operating systems

This application can be used in android phone and supports different operating system in the environment. It is very much essential for people to root their Android phones before using this application, but it is possible for users to monitor and access the wireless or wifi traffic from the Android phone in an effective way.

As bcmon supports different versions of the operating system, it is evident that people prefer to use the application to monitor and to hack wireless networks in an easy way. Bcmon can be installed on any of the operating systems to perform the task and to manage the traffic.

  • Hack other wifi networks

Hacking wifi networks could be fun, but it is illegal in the court of law. You can hack your friend’s network or own network with the help of bcmon apk from your Android phone. As you try to take the access of the wifi or the wireless network, you will have an opportunity to hack and access the network without their consent.

Hacking your neighboring wifi or wireless network with the help of the bcmon app for android could be easier than you think, but it is required to be handled by a skilled and an experienced network professional to perform the task in an effective way. If you need game or in-app purchases hacking application, then do check out and download freedom apk for Android from the official source.


Bcmon app can be used to hack WIFI networks in the nearby location, as the bcmon will have access to monitor and to play according to the packet in the network.

Bcmon apk requires a high-level knowledge to operate, as only a talented and a skilled professional can pull off tasks using the bcmon app on Android phone. Before that make sure your devices are rooted & your latest version, if you aren’t sure, download bcmon apk latest version of the official website 2019.